Letting Your Kids Run It Off


Letting Your Kids Run It Off


First off, I’m a mom of boys. Even if I wanted to follow their every bump and fall I wouldn’t be able to. But I honestly don’t want to.

This summer I was at the spray park and I saw a little girl fall down, it wasn’t the worst fall. In fact my kids would just run it off. She sat there and cried. But then she stopped, looked for mom and noticed that she wasn’t coming, and started crying louder. Soon the mom got up looked around to see who was watching, and I could see it in her. She felt obligated to move in case other moms were judging her for not going to her broken hearted angel.

I didn’t judge her, I would have left her if she was my child. This poor mom probably just sat down feeling like she was able to gain some rest for a few minutes.  I refuse to have that child who gets “hurt” on the playground and sits there and cries until I move. I have given my entire life to my children. I do everything for them. But I’m not going to run to them just because they are calling for attention, and they simply don’t because I have never given into them. Now before everyone calls me a bad mom, I know when my kids are hurt. I certainly know their hurt shrill versus their annoying whining for attention. If my kids are hurt they will come to me. And if the situation calls for it I will go get them.

I’m preparing my kids for a world without me in it all the time. I wont always be there to cuddle them, and I highly doubt when they fall at school on the playground the teacher is going to kiss their bumps better. They will have to be tough, and they are. I’m proud of the fact that they can take care of themselves and show some independence, it makes most play dates out with them much easier.


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