Having a Strong Willed Child


Having A Strong Willed Child

When I had my first son he seemed like he didn’t have a personality, I mean how much of a personality can a baby really have? He was always a good baby, he slept and fed well and he was very ahead when it came to development. Mason has cousins who are 7 or 8 months older than him, and he wanted to keep up with them. He was walking very well by 10 months, he was talking early and well. Somewhere between around the age of 2 Masons personality changed a lot.
Mason was no longer as easy as he had been. He was changing. Most babies/toddlers are harder in ways once they start moving, but this change wasn’t just a matter of a baby getting into things one shouldn’t be getting into. He became very persistent towards what he wanted. We didn’t really have many melt downs as he hit his toddler phase. He was still pretty well behaved, just very go, go, go. Mason hated being held back. I would often worry of what he was getting into when he was quiet.
As Mason got a bit older closer to the preschool years he started being more rebellious. Often he would be found with things he shouldn’t have, gaining a sneaky behavior. When it came to his cousins he would fight with them more often, hit or not consider their feelings, he wanted to be the boss or felt he was right all the time. He wouldn’t stick in a group very well and getting him to stay focused on one thing for very long became boring to him, and he had no problem stating so. Eventually, tantrums became more of a problem and everything became a fight. When Mason started school his teacher continued to focus on what was wrong with him, leaving me in panic thinking something wasn’t right with my child.
I always thought the things he did were phases, and that with a lot of discipline it would get corrected. We tried many forms of that. With him being my first child, and my hardest definitely has made things harder in a lot of aspects. I was still learning how to be a mom to all these steps and ages and no mom around me really suffered the same problems with their children.
I have been a stay at home mom with Mason pretty much his entire childhood. He wasn’t used to schedules, play times, or many other kids. As the year progressed, Mason got used to being in Kindergarten, and with confidence he succeeded and went to grade 1. I didn’t really have issues with Mason that year. The teachers all said how nice of a boy he had been. But trust me, they all know him by name. They are aware that Mason will make unwise choices some days and sometimes needs a little more watching. Now that hes in grade 2 he still gets the same remarks. Hes a sweet boy with lots of love, but likes to be him and do his thing.
I know this blog doesn’t really give much information about how difficult Mason is. It’s really hard to explain and you would have to know him to understand. Mason’s different, special, and very unique. He’s very much like his father, except he got the stubbornness of both myself and Aaron. His curiosity hurts him more than helps, he’s high energy, sensitive, has a low attention span and is way too smart for his own good. Sometimes, I feel like he’s so smart and has so much running in his brain that it confuses him. He wants to achieve, and wants to outsmart everyone. Mason takes pride in what he does well.
As problematic as raising my first born has been, hes been such a growing experience for myself and my husband. We have learned new levels of patience, and really appreciate when things are going good. I know Mason will do amazing things with his life. He has all the best qualities for it. He just needs to be trained to use his attributes for helping himself in a positive way. Mason is very loving, and great with his younger brothers. He has also learned to walk away when people anger him and has calmed down when it comes to the energy he exerts. Around the house he helps me out with both the younger ones and doing chores.
Things are not always perfect, but we have come to a place where we understand each other a little more and have a lot more patience with one another. Its almost like we would make one another madder in the past when we would come to a problem. He’s growing into another person now, and his personality is changing again. Its easier (knock on wood), and he wants to please me with his choices. In a way, I’m grateful my first has been my hardest. It really set me up for parenting and has made the next 2 children much easier to deal with. I hope Mason can repay me and be my easy teenager!

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