10 Reasons Pregnancy Sucks

10 Reasons Pregnancy Sucks


I have been pregnant now for what feels like forever. I had my son Ryder in March and found out I was pregnant again in June. I’m very thankful that I have healthy pregnancies and have never miscarried. However, I will state I have never enjoyed pregnancy. And I don’t think I should feel bad for it. Its not my cup of tea. Leaving it at that, here is 10 reasons I hate pregnancy

1) Sore Back

Since my second pregnancy my back hasn’t been what it used to. All of my children have carried very low creating bad back pain in my lower back. On top of this pain when I’m pregnant I have noticed this pain has continued into my non pregnant life. Since I’m pregnant again its gotten bad again. There’s nothing worse than getting up out of bed hunched over, or after 30 minutes of standing or doing house work having worse back pains.

2) Yeast Infections

TMI! With all my children I have suffered of terrible yeast infections. The itch has been over bearing and often lead to bleeding and scratches on my lower bits. With extra fluid down there its recommended that pregnant women use panty liners and this makes things even worse for me. I try and wear light cotton bottoms and no underwear at bedtime. This has helped this pregnancy.

3) I Don’t Feel Like Myself

It’s really hard to explain this to anyone who hasn’t experienced pregnancy. From the moment I get pregnant until after I have the baby I feel like someone else has possessed my body. All my choices become limited in areas. My body slows down, feels pain, gains weight. There’s so much more. Then suddenly out comes the baby and after a few weeks I feel like myself again, but a girl I haven’t seen in a long time. I pretty much have to get to know her all over again.

4) Sickness

My sickness hasn’t been brutal by any means. My sister ended up in the hospital for many months of her pregnancy. Mine isn’t like that for sure. But with 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies I have been vomiting until the end of the 10 months. After the first trimesters they have never improved. I’d say I vomit a good 5 to 7 times a week. Which isn’t great. Luckily, I generally eat right after and it goes away for the rest of the day.

5) Clothing

I obviously have maternity clothing but they are not my style at all. This might go hand in hand with #3. If I cant wear what I normally would it’s hard to express myself. A lot of pregnancy clothing is “cute” which isn’t my thing at all. I’d rather wear something a little more edgy.

6) Restless Leg syndrome

This one speaks for itself. If you don’t know what this is, then you are lucky. It’s a constant feeling that bugs are crawling through your leg and feet. I often have to twitch or move my feet to get the sensation out. And it always comes at bedtime when I want to sleep!

7) Weight Gain

I’m pretty sure no woman out there wants to gain extra weight. It’s one thing to gain in your stomach for baby. Which even that is annoying. But to gain it literally everywhere else as well is frustrating. Its hard to loose after and feel confident again.

8) Being Sleep Deprived

Somewhere in the second trimester sleeping becomes a pain in the rear and doesn’t get any easier. Even if I’m not too large yet and can find a good position, I still find myself waking up to go to the bathroom multiple times per night. Once my stomach is off limits my sleep automatically is hell.

9) Pelvis Pain

With my second pregnancy my son was so low my pelvis felt like it was broken. I would walk around in constant pain, and have so much pressure from his head. With my third my front was loosening and preparing for baby and the pain was almost as bad. The pains were completely different but in the same area. Its not something most people think about or talk about in pregnancy.

10) People Touching Me

I hate touching people. In my first pregnancy I was obligated to allow people to feel my stomach and the kicks. After that one I made it more known that I’m not a touchy person. Sometimes people still try or make things awkward with air touches. Not to mention, obviously a doctor has to cross some of those boundaries during regular check ups. Unless I’m in brutal pain and need help, please don’t touch me.


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