5 Ways To Make Monday Dropoffs Better


5 Ways To Make Monday Dropoffs Better

Everyone hates Monday. It’s the start of the week. A refresh on all your obligations, from work, to school drop offs and getting back on a schedule from the weekend. Here’s 5 ways to make Monday drop offs better.

1) Wake up before your kids

Waking up before your kids gives you a few extra minutes to breathe and get ready before the chaos starts. If you can manage to get to bed a little earlier for this, that’s even better.

2) Set out your kids clothes

If you have your kids clothes ready for them, then you dont need to run around and find the only jeans that fit, just to find out that they are dirty. This also gives your child a little guidance in the morning.

3) Start your vehicle on cold days

I live in Canada. So we have cold mornings, often with feet of snow overnight. If you can get out there and start your car or better yet use a car starter it makes getting the kids into the vehicle a bit better. You wont be sitting in a cold vehicle waiting for it to defrost.

4) Reward yourself after your drop off

Just knowing you get to go home and have that glass of coffee, or you can sit by your phone for a few minutes with a beverage of your choice before you start the rest of your chores, helps make drop off feel more successful.

5) Have a routine

One reason my monday morning isnt so terrible is because my routine is the same every morning before drop off. It’s a lot easier when everyone knows what they are doing and knows the flow of the morning.


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