How Can You Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night



I like to think I have amazing babies, actually I know I have amazing babies. All of my babies slept through the night since very early on. Some can say its good genes, I disagree. Everything you do from the moment your baby is born is going to effect your baby in either a negative way or a positive one. Don’t feel stressed, no parent is perfect. But doing these things has made my life easier, and has made raising my babies so much more enjoyable. Since I’ll be having another baby in 3 months from now (and I already have an 8 month old who sleeps amazingly), I know these guidelines will already help me out a whole lot. I hope it helps one of you moms out too.

1) Keep Your Baby Awake In The Evening!

This seems pretty simple, trust me however in the beginning it can be a little stressful. Baby wont be happy at night time to start, because they will want to sleep and you have to do everything in your power to keep them awake. Start this from the day you bring your baby home.  Also to gain the most amount of sleep for momma is so important during the early stages because you will be awake with your newborn so often for feeds still. Whatever time you go to bed put your baby down at the exact time as well.  Many parents overlook this and wonder why their baby isn’t sleeping well at night time. If you let your baby sleep all day, it probably wont want to sleep all night. When they are brand new this isn’t so much of an issue, but if you allow them to sleep in the evening just know you are establishing this routine, which will eventually become hard to break. If you can even force them to stay awake for a good hour before bed that helps. Now that my son is 8 months old I don’t let him sleep past 7, and he goes to bed at 10, when I do. The main part of having a bedtime routine is making sure your baby is sleepy!



2) Go To Bed On A Full Tummy

Every feeding before bed and in the morning are larger feedings. Your baby will sleep much better if he is content and a little more. And because I don’t wake my baby in the night to feed him, he gets a bigger bottle in the morning as well to make up for what was missed.


3) Leave The Baby In Their Bed/Cry it out Method

A lot of people are against this, but I am and old school mom. One rule I rarely break unless things are off  or if baby has a dirty diaper is once the baby is laid in his bed I NEVER take him out until its time to wake up. This one obviously doesn’t count when you are still breast feeding in the night. Even when breastfeeding I wouldn’t take my baby out of bed unless it was time for him to eat.  I stick to a strict schedule for eating. I do not feed my baby just because they cry or on demand. Leaving your baby in bed at night time allows them to self soothe, and you can go in a check on them and give them a hand or stroke on the cheek. This is hard when you start but I promise you even after a week you see such a difference and your baby can go to bed awake and sleep on their own. Also because of this the baby knows I wont go in and pick them up just because which leads to great mornings. My baby doesn’t cry in the morning. He will sit and wait for me to come get him with full smiles!


4) Allow Your Baby To Sleep

This is literally the most simple thing I can give you, and for some reason a lot of parents don’t comprehend this. If you want your baby to sleep through the night, which I think we all do….LEAVE THEM ALONE! Don’t go wake up your baby if they are sleeping just to feed them. They will make up for it in feedings during the day. If you are waking up your baby then YOU are the problem.


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